Camera speed / F-stop Control

This unit automatically adjusts aperture to a programmed change of shooting speed. It is designed to be used with the Arriflex, Aaton, and Panavision cameras.


Indicators and Connectors:
1. LED power indicator: lights when power is applied to the unit by camera.
2. Remote input - 4 pin Lemo.
3. Camera 8 pin Lemo: to camera accessories connector.
4. Motor 5 pin Lemo: to Heden M26P motor.
5. M.Dir red toggle switch: reverses motor direction.
6. LED motor indicator: green light - forward, red light - reverse.
7. Channel 1 input: starting camera speed in fps.
8. Channel 2 input: ending camera speed in fps.
9. Blue toggle switch: to manually switch from channel 1 to 2.
10. Ramp: length of time the transition will take from camera speed 1/camera speed 2.
11. Offset input: changes the starting position of the servo motor.
12. Scale input: controls the length of motor travel.

Use CHANNEL 1 and 2 to select the desired starting and ending camera speed. The larger the difference of camera speeds between CHANNEL 1 and 2 with the same SCALE the longer the angle of motor rotation will be. This is appropriate to the camera speed and F-stop correlation.