We offer a wide range of accessories for professional motion picture cameras as well as many electronic modifications which can improve the work of your old gear. Please check the links on our home page which describes our products and modifications for Arriflex, Aaton, Bolex, Cinema Products, Eclair, and Moviecam cameras. For distributors and resellers of our products we offer a 10% discount. For film schools and students we offer a 5% discount. Please e-mail or call us for our current list prices.

We can also build or customize electronics to your needs and specifications.

We provide electronics repair services for movie cameras and accessories. We offer free estimates and have an average repair turn-around time of two weeks or less. For film schools and students we have a 5% discount. You may send us your camera or other equipment for repair or modification via any method you prefer, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, US Mail, Airborne Express, or any other carrier. Be certain to package your equipment with at least 4 inches of packing material (foam, air bubble rolls) between the item and the outside box and insure the shipping.