DC/AC Converter for Kenyon Gyro Stabilizers

DC/AC Converter for Kenyon Gyro Stabilizers

The AZ Spectrum 115 VAC , 400 Hz DC-AC Converter supplies power for two Kenyon Gyro Stabilizers. The Kenyon Gyro Stabilizer is designed for quick attachment to any hand-held optical device, to remove the tremors so damaging to target identification and photographic detail sharpness. Very small angular deflections in pitch and yaw caused by tremors and vibrations, result in relatively large sweeps across the target, inevitably blurring the image. Twin rate gyros mounted on crossed axis sense these motions and dynamically resist displacement through gyroscopic precession. The gyros operate in a low vacuum helium atmosphere within a hermetically sealed casing. Threefold benefits are realized throught this technique - protection from hostile environment, motor heat conduction to surface, and reduction of aerodynamic drag of the gyro wheel, to attain 21,000 RPM with minimum power input. For more info about Kenyon Gyro Stabilizers please contact: Kenyon Laboratories, LLC, 11 Scovil Rd., Higganum, CT 06441, toll free tel: 800 253-4681, web: www.ken-lab.com

Steadicam application

Specifications for DC-AC Converter:


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