CCD Video Assist for Eclair ACL Camera

This video assist module is mounted between the camera body and the viewfinder. It allows you to look through the viewfinder and display the picture from the video assist on a monitor at the same time. This unit has an on/off power switch, red LED power indicator, AGC/CCD iris switch and a BNC video output connector. It does not require a specific type of viewfinder. The video module can be powered from the camera battery by using a Y adapter cable or from the ACL base. We can install 2 connectors onto the ACL base. The first one will supply 12V to the video assist (120mA-200mA). The second one will supply 12V to the LCD monitor (600mA-800mA) and will carry the video signal from the video assist. The 12V power needed to supply these devices will be taken internally from the camera's power input connector.

Eclair ACL - Video tap Eclair ACL

Specifications for the B&W unit:

Specifications for the color unit:


Flickerfree Color Video Assist for Eclair ACL


Flickerfree video assist for Eclair ACL


This flickerfree video assist is designed to produce a flickerfree video image for camera speeds ranging from 12 to 75fps.