Crystal Speed Control Type ACL 2-79 FPS

The original Eclair ACL high speed motors (75 fps motors) only have crystal stability for speeds of 24 and 25 frames per second (fps), which are set by a crystal oscillator. Speeds of 8, 12, 50, and 75 fps are each set by an RC circuit and are not crystal. Our control is designed to make each speed crystal and increase the range of speeds for these motors. By using the pushbutton decimal switches, you can set a crystal speed from 2 to 79 fps in 1 fps increments. The 11-pin Fischer connector gives you compatibility with Arriflex 16SR camera accessories such as the precision speed control that allows you to set the speed of the motor in increments as small as .001 fps (e.g. 29.970 fps). The crystal speed control with the speed selector and accessory connector can be attached to the motor or to the camera's base.

Eclair ACL - base - crystal speed control Thomson-CSF motor

Pin configuration for the installation of the 11-pin Fischer receptacle: ACL base modification

Pin No. Signal
1. Signal Ground
2. Shutter Pulses (TTL)- output, 1 per frame
5. External Synch Enable- input
6. Tach. Pulses- output, 200 pulses per frame
7. Remote ON/OFF, motor will run if pin connected to +12V
8. External Synch. (TTL)- input, 3200 pulses per frame
9. 0 volts from camera battery
11. +12 volts from camera battery



We can also attach to the motor an LCD display that shows: footage, camera speed and battery voltage.  

Eclair ACL HD motor with crystal speed controller and LCD display


Eclair ACL HD motor modification


Eclair ACL camera



Crystal Speed Control Type ACL 12-40 FPS for the Small Thomson Motor.

This unit drives the motor with crystal speeds ranging from 12 to 40 fps in 1 fps increments set by two pushbutton decimal switches. It is permanently attached to the motor housing.

Eclair ACL camera


Eclair ACL motor modification