CCD Video Assist for the Arriflex 16BL

For the Arriflex 16BL, we have both a CCD B&W and a color video assist. It is installed inside the camera door and allows you to look through the viewfinder and display the picture from the video assist on a monitor at the same time. This unit has an on/off power switch, AGC/CCD auto iris switch and a BNC video output connector. For the installation, you have to send us just the camera door. It is easy to remove the door from the body. You have to open the door, remove the 4 screws, and slide the door off from the hinge.

Arriflex 16BL - Video AssistSpecifications for the color unit:

Specifications for the color unit with on screen display (OSD) control (APEX door only):

Arriflex 16BL - Video Assist (OSD1) Arriflex 16BL - Video Assist (OSD2)

Specifications for the B&W unit:

Arriflex 16bl Video Assist